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    How to Locate a Copy of Your Title Insurance Policy?

    You wouldn’t be the only one who accidentally throws away or puts important documents in a place no one remembers. Misplacing papers is quite common.

    However, when it comes to your title insurance, there is always a way for you to procure another one. Title insurance is a document that protects the property owner from any damages that they could suffer when there are damages, mortgages, or other costs left by the previous owner.
    Don’t worry when you can’t seem to find your title insurance because here are some ways you can get them back in South Florida.

    Why Do You Need Your Title Insurance?

    There are many reasons you might be looking for your title insurance. If you are selling your property, you might need to provide a copy of your insurance for verification purposes.
    You might also face costs from the previous owner, like their mortgage on your property that you are suddenly expected to pay. In these circumstances, having a copy of your insurance form is essential. You don’t want to be forking out thousands of dollars just because you can’t find a copy of your title insurance policy.

    Get In Touch With a Title Agent

    When you get your title insurance through a certified Florida title company, the best option would be for you to reach out to them. If you’ve recently procured the title insurance, they should be able to find it easily.

    Even if your title insurance wasn’t recent, the chances are that your title agent probably has a copy of it somewhere. Give them a call and ask them whether they can help you out. They will require details about the transaction, like what property it was done for and your personal details.

    Ask The Insurance Company

    If your title agent cannot find a copy because the insurance was done quite some time back, you should contact the insurance company. However, you need to remember which insurance company it was for you to contact them. If you remember it, you likely won’t encounter any problems. You can also ask your title agent about the company; it might be that they only work with a few.

    The insurance company might require some documentation from you to verify you are the property owner. The documentation will also help them in finding the policy faster. They might also ask you for a Closing Disclosure or HUD-1 Settlement Statement, so ensure that you have those ready.

    Contact Your Lender

    When you’ve tried the other two options but haven’t found your insurance paperwork, consider contacting your lender. Your lender would have had to fill out paperwork to provide you with money. They would also have filled out an insurance form themselves.

    It can be possible that you will find a copy of your title insurance policy within their paperwork. If they don’t have any of that, they will still have the name of your insurance company, so you can easily find the insurance company that issues you the policy.

    Once you find your insurance paperwork, it would be ideal to ensure they never get lost again. An ideal way to do this is by digitizing them. Relocate your title insurance by using one of the above methods. Call Nationwide Land Title at 954-755-8210


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