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    Five Tips to Live from your Investment in Real Estate

    Five Tips to Live from your Investment in Real Estate

    Do you want to live of your incomes? Knowing the size and age of a property is required to make a good assessment of it. Investment in real estate is considered one of the safest business and you don’t have to be a specialist to get started as a real estate investor. However, before making a purchase you must have some capital, information about the market and knowing that these investments are not noted for their liquidity.

    If you need money soon, you will have to wait from six months to two years to sell a house (depending on the market and conditions of your property). And if you want to sell more quickly, you may have to sacrifice price. To make shure your purchase doesn’t end up affecting your wallet, we bring you five basic tips about  investment in real estate.

    1. Meet the area before buying

    The basic principle for evaluating a property is reduced to its location, because from it depends how it will increase in value over time. An increase in the equity of the property depends on improvements in the surrounding environment, including services, roads and accessibility. The announcement of a new subway line, parks or schools tend to increase the value of your investment in real estate.

    2. Size according to the area

    The size of the property must be consistent with the area. A house too big or ostentatious among other smaller makes it less competitive. A house that does not have the number of bathrooms or standard rooms in the colony will be less palatable for an investment in real estate.

    3. Never get attached to the building

    When the flows do not cover the minimum expected for your investment in real estate, it is time to sell and move to new investments. Acceptable performance in the field of housing is between 5% and 6 % per year on the value. This performance should be evaluated after deducting the expenses generated by the property, between them, paying property taxes, income taxes, maintenance and insurance. If the area allows you to get income above this amount , it means you should hold your investment.

    4. Buy a house you can afford

    Before buying you should at least consider the income to cover the mortgage payments. During the early years of a mortgage you will be paying only interest practically, the property still is not yours, so putting extra money in your pocket for payments flow also generates the house means a win for the bank and for you as an investor. Do not forget that mortgage contracts prohibit you rent the property under threat of force you to pay off the loan if the bank gives you away.

    5. Consider investing in pre-sales
    A good option is to invest in pre-sales, and that in financing to the builder to finish the property get the yield to sell when the property is completed. Search options that have a large number of potential customers and investigate the seriousness of the builder, and the possibility that the work is ready on the promised date.

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