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    Who Hires The Title Company: Buyer or Seller?

    When you’re buying or selling a home, the title company is a critical part of the process. But who who hires the title company —the buyer or the seller?

    The answer is: it depends. In some cases, the buyer and seller will agree on a company. But in other cases, one party may choose the title agency without consulting the other.

    While there are no specific laws on this subject, it’s essential to pick a company that both parties feel comfortable with. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you dislike the service provider your real estate agent has chosen for you.

    What Will a Title Company Do in the Sale Process?

    A title agency helps you, the buyer or seller, transfer ownership of your property. Here are some specific ways it does this:

    • Make sure the home you’re buying or selling is free and clear of any liens (legal claims against the property).Verify that taxes have been paid on a property.
    • Determine who will receive ownership of a property based on who signed all the legal paperwork.
    • Assist in the preparation of documents like the deed and closing statement.
    • Protect both buyers and sellers from any fraudulent activity that may occur during or after a sale.
    • The company you choose will play a significant role in ensuring a smooth transaction. That’s why it’s important to find one you feel comfortable with.

    What About Closing Costs?

    Many buyers and sellers assume that one party will pay all the closing costs on a home sale. However, understand what you might be responsible for as a buyer or seller.

    Who Hires The Title Company? Is Title Insurance a Buyer or Seller’s Responsibility?

    Title insurance is a type of protection for the buyer and seller in any problems with property ownership. So who is responsible for buying title insurance?

    Generally, it’s up to each party to buy their title insurance. When comparing quotes from different companies, ask if they offer owner’s or lender’s coverage. The owner’s coverage protects you as the property owner, while the lender’s coverage protects the lender if they need to foreclose on the property.

    Should the Seller Select the Title Agency?

    The seller should select the title company unless they work with a buyer who has already selected one. Sellers have control over what is done in the sale and should diligently protect their interests. Picking a reputable title insurance company is one way to do this.

    However, the seller should keep in mind that the buyer may have a preferred service provider or agency. If the seller selects a different one, it could cause conflict or confusion later.

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